Why is it that we support the cure of only the most well known diseases and disorders but forget about the other thousands that affect many people every day. One of the foundations that we all know very well is the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer. This is a foundation that I support because breast cancer has struck many wonderful people in my family. Another thing that has affected many   people in my life including myself is mental health disorders. So this year I decided to add another foundation to my list: The Semicolon Project. The semicolon represents a time when your life could have ended but instead it continued. From what I have seen it is an amazing campaign, which I am proud to be supporting. 

Whats in your purse?

Whats in your purse?

Think about all the crap that we carry around in our bags. Most of it is useless stuff that we convince ourselves that we will need at some point in our daily lives. But the truth is, it is just CRAP.
However, there are a few essentials that every woman should be carrying around..

1. Tampons or pads – must I even explain?
2. Gum or altoids – We all need them!
3. A great pair of sunnies – For those god awful hangovers or those hideous black circles
4. Lipstick – It can always dress up or dress down an outfit
5. Asprin – gets rid of killer headaches
6. Moisturizer and hand sanitizer – keeps skin clean and soft all day
7. Oil blotting sheets – it can make all the difference
8. small comb or brush – just a little refresher

Along with these items always have a credit/debit card handy and depending on where you live, you should have at least $20 cash.

Men are Crazy

When you are in a relationship, there are these warnings. We have all gotten these warning before, but what do we do? usually make up excuses and ignore them. Why? because we are women and we all believe that our man could be the one. 

Well last time I dated a guy the warnings were glaring at me. 

My first problem was that we both had the same name. What kind of people get into a relationship when they have the same name? 

The second thing that should have had me running was his shoes. Those things were hideous. I once threw them in the dumpster at the beach thinking he would finally get a new pair, but what did he do? Go out and buy the same disgustingly hideous shoes once again. 

And i don’t know what the last straw was – maybe the fact that he lived with his mother, had no inspiration or desire to do anything EVER or maybe that he loved to grow out his sideburns but keep his head shaved. 

My point ladies is that we have to take control over our lives and who we let into them.